Co-op links and resources

A collection of links to co-ops and other organisations that may be useful or worth connecting with for anyone interested in the topics of this research – originally put together for myself, but I thought publishing it as a page could be helpful for other people with similar interests. More links will be added to this page as I find them!

Co-op networks in the UK:
Co-operatives UK – The main national network and federation of co-ops in the UK. Their website has a lot of useful resources (both for existing co-ops and for people looking into starting new co-ops) and they publish an annual Co-op Economy Report and various research reports.
Radical Routes – UK-wide secondary co-op of co-ops with a radical political ethos, primarily small housing co-ops but also including some workers’ co-ops and others. They publish guides to setting up housing and workers’ co-ops.
Confederation of Co-operative Housing – National body promoting and providing services for housing co-ops and community-led housing organisations. They can provide model rules and policy guidance for new housing co-ops.

International co-op networks:
International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) – Global representative body for co-ops and definer of the international co-operative principles and identity.
Co-op Identity – Identity tools for co-ops including the .coop domain name and the Co-op Marque, and a global directory of co-ops with .coop websites.

Co-op support organisations in the UK:
Seeds for Change – co-op providing facilitation and training on consensus-based governance and decision-making for other co-ops, campaign groups and community organisations.
Manchester Business Co-op – provide business and administrative support for co-ops and other small organisations, such as bookkeeping and payroll services.
Wales Co-operative Centre – development agency for co-ops in Wales, provides support with setting up new co-ops and guides to things like community share offers.

Co-operative research and higher education organisations:
The Co-operative College – the UK’s oldest co-operative education provider, based in Manchester. Working with other higher education co-operatives to set up a Co-operative University.
UK Society for Co-operative Studies – charitable organisation for co-operative research and education. Publishes the Journal of Co-operative Studies.
Euricse – international co-operative research foundation, based in Italy. Publishes the Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD).
Co-operative Heritage Trust – preserving the heritage of the co-operative movement in the UK, including the National Co-operative Archive in Manchester and the Rochdale Pioneers Museum.

Co-ops in disability-related fields in the UK:
Enabled Works – workers’ co-op formed by disabled workers who formerly worked in two closed-down Remploy factories in West Yorkshire.
Equal Care – multi-stakeholder social care platform co-op in Calderdale.
North West Care Co-operative – social care co-op based in Chester and working in local areas across North West England.
Signalise – multi-stakeholder British Sign Language interpreters’ co-op, based in Merseyside.

Other co-ops that are potentially useful to researchers:
TypeOlogy – my workers’ co-operative! We do audio transcription, proofreading, subtitling, live captioning and similar services.
Footprint Workers Co-op – based in Leeds, printing flyers, posters, zines, etc., and web hosting.
The Learning Co-operative – based in London (but working online and internationally), providing language tuition and translation services.