Survey reopened until end of July

A line drawing combined from images in the Change image bank, representing the survey for co-ops. On the left, a person at a computer displaying a survey on screen with tick boxes and like/dislike faces, above the Co-op Marque. On the right, a person at a computer analysing data. An arrow containing the repeated word "information" points into their computer.

The survey for co-ops that is one of the 3 strands of my research (for more detail see here) was originally open from March to May 2022. In that time, I got 50 responses, but due to lots of other stuff that I had going on, I didn’t manage to look at the responses until the end of June.

There is a lot of valuable data in there, but 50 is quite a low number compared to the number of co-ops in the UK (which is not known exactly, but estimated at over 7,000 in the 2021 Co-op Economy report). Therefore, and because I am still busy with a lot of other stuff (particularly getting the data from the interviews and case studies – the other 2 strands of this research – transcribed and analysed), I have decided to reopen the survey until the end of July, in case it’s possible to get more responses before what feels like a reasonable time for being able to focus on it.

The survey is online here.

If you are in a co-op of any kind within the UK, and your co-op hasn’t filled in the survey already, please answer it! How long it will take will vary according to how detailed answers you want to give, but it is unlikely to take much longer than 15 minutes.

Also, whether or not you are in a co-op yourself, please spread it to any networks of co-ops or people involved with co-ops that you know!

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